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  • The trial and availability of a low-cost standard was very effective in convincing us to purchase it, and it'll make a good addition to our range of analytics packages.

    -- Naomi A, Web Editor of Shelter

  • Thank you for this great product, I bought the product today and just love it. it is quick and easy!

    -- Alex Bazzi, Jackson –Dawson

  • Thank you for putting out such a great product at a great price.

    -- John Schuster, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

  • I was pleasantly surprised with the number of quality reports it produces, all very simple and cosmetically pleasing.

    -- Manoj Jasra, webmaster of Web Analytics World.

  • Your product looks great and the price is great too.  We were using WebTrends and I can see no reason why to stay with that now that I've seen you product.

    -- Raymond J. Paganini, Cornerstone IT, Inc.

  • Nihuo initially made it to my 'semi-finals' because it of its reasonable price, attractive/easy website and generally because it is a quality, straight-forward log analyzer without unnecessary frills. Then in competition with Webtrends (our old analysis software), WebLog Expert and SurfStats Nihuo is the only software that correctly quantified total bandwidth. And Nihuo reports look good too.

    -- Alexander W. L. Schubert, Digital Data Technologies, Inc

  • This is a great product, I think you have a great interface, and it’s very simple to use.

    -- Rob Szkutak, Blue Networking

  • I installed Nihuo's trial product today and found it to be an incredible product, and it looks excellent. It put my homemade log parser project in the ground.

    -- Jeremy Lyons, Exibusindustries


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