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Download Nihuo Web Log Analyzer now, use it for free for up to 30 days, and start enjoying the benefits of knowing how prospects are using your web site.

The trial version can run as the Standard,  Professional and Enterprise Edition. Product documentation is included in the product download and the documentation is the same for all editions. We provide an activation code to licensed users that converts the trial version to the registered version.

Please choose the operating system you are using and click the download link next to it.

Nihuo Web Log Analyzer for WindowsWindows

 Version 4.19 (Updated in Apr 05, 2013 )
32 Bit Exe package

Download EXE package (Size: 66.6MB)

ZIP package Download ZIP package (Size: 66.6MB)
 Version 4.19 64 Bit (Updated in Apr 05, 2013 )
64 Bit Exe package

Download 64 Bit EXE package (Size: 66.9MB)

ZIP package Download 64 Bit ZIP package (Size: 66.9MB)

Nihuo Web Log Analyzer for LinuxMac OSX (Command line version, for OS X 10.4 or higher)

  Version 4.06 (Updated in Apr 3, 2010 )
Download TAR.GZ package (Size: 88.38MB)

Nihuo Web Log Analyzer for LinuxLinux

  Version 4.06 (Updated in Apr 3, 2010 )
2.6 Kernel i386
Download TAR.GZ package (Size: 89.15MB)
Download TAR.GZ package (Size: 90.04MB)
2.4 Kernel
Download TAR.GZ package (Size: 90.03MB)

Nihuo Web Log Analyzer fro FreeBSDFreeBSD

  Version 4.06. (Updated in Apr 3, 2010 )
FreeBSD 6.2+ i386
Download TAR.GZ package (Size: 90.34MB)
Download TAR.GZ package (Size: 90.63MB)
FreeBSD 5.3+
Download TAR.GZ package (Size: 90.57MB)



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