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IPV6 Apache Web Log Analysis

What is IPV6
IPv6 is short for "Internet Protocol Version 6". IPv6 is the "next generation" protocol designed by the IETF to replace the current version Internet Protocol, IP Version 4 ("IPv4").

Most of today's internet uses IPv4, which is now nearly twenty years old. IPv4 has been remarkably resilient in spite of its age, but it is beginning to have problems. Most importantly, there is a growing shortage of IPv4 addresses, which are needed by all new machines added to the Internet.

IPv6 fixes a number of problems in IPv4, such as the limited number of available IPv4 addresses. It also adds many improvements to IPv4 in areas such as routing and network autoconfiguration. IPv6 is expected to gradually replace IPv4, with the two coexisting for a number of years during a transition period.

Please browse http://www.ipv6.org/ for more detailed information about IPV6.

IPV6 Apache Web Log
Apache is support IPV6 now. When you open an Apache IPV6 log files in a text editor, the entries are similar to the following examples:

2001:888:197d:0:250:fcff:fe23:3879 - - [10/Aug/2003:20:28:01 +0200] "GET /ipv6/mysql/ipv6.php?CMD=REDIRECT&CD=7443&HOST=owl.ip6.fc.ul.pt HTTP/1.1" 200 472

Most of the entry is similar with general Apache log entry, the only different is the client host IP.


Nihuo Web Log Analyzer supports IPV6 Apache Web Log File Format-- it can process log files in IPV6 Apache Web Log File Format, and generate dynamic statistics from them, analyzing and reporting server traffic. Please give try, you will find the best Apache log analyzer and the best IIS log file analyzer in the world.

Nihuo Web Log Analyzer also supports other log formats; See the list containing IPV6 Apache Web Log File Format and all other supported formats.


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